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Offering You Surveillance Equipment & Services

Need to keep tabs on someone? Having problems at your home or business, and need professional assistance? Sources Unlimited can help.

We are a locally owned and operated Texas investigative firm, led by a retired law enforcement investigator with years of concrete experience. It's our goal to provide you with the highest quality of surveillance services, to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

We can provide:

  • Photo and video surveillance
  • Installation of hidden "nanny" cameras
  • Tracking of what's done on your computer
  • Countersurveillance and bug sweeps
  • Investigation of possible insurance fraud
  • Cheating spouse investigation services
  • GPS tracking of automobiles

To schedule a free consultation, call 972-771-5228 now. Or just fill out the easy contact form on this page. You may also continue reading below, for more information on our surveillance services.

Digital Photo and Video Surveillance.

Sources Unlimited can quietly take digital photos plus video for a variety of reasons. In cases of wrongdoing, our goal is to provide you with evidence related to cheating spouses, divorce cases, child custody, insurance fraud, child abuse, employee theft, elderly abuse, trespassing, and violation of restraining orders.

Whether indoors or outdoors, well-lit areas or places that require our night vision cameras, we will handle your surveillance needs discreetly and confidentially.

We Install Nanny Cams & Hidden Cameras.

From homes to businesses, we are able to install a variety of hidden and miniature "spy" cameras. Don't want anyone to notice that a camera is being installed? No problem, contact us for more information.

Find Out What's Being Done on Your Computer

Want to know what websites have been visited on your work or home computer? Using cutting-edge software, we can help you find out what websites were visited, and even what messages someone typed on Facebook or other sites.

After we handle the installation for you, the results of what the software noticed can be emailed to you daily. This service is ideal for parents who care for the safety of their children online, businesses that want to improve workplace productivity, and spouses who want to make sure that their partner is being faithful.

Someone Watching You? Time to Watch Them Back.

Ever feel as though you're being followed? Or that someone is possibly monitoring what you say on the phone, where you go, or what you're doing? Then speak to us about our professional countersurveillance services. So what exactly is that?

Countersurveillance is the prevention of surveillance, which is someone that is either following or keeping track of what you say or do. You may be under surveillance for business reasons, personal reasons, or simply have an unwanted admirer.

Sources Unlimited prevents this activity by offering a variety of photo and video surveillance to find out if anyone is following you, or showing up to your home and workplace without you knowing about it. We also perform electronic sweeps and check for hidden microphones, cameras, telephone bugs and more.

But We Can't Help You Unless You Contact Us.

We want to hear from you. For more information on our surveillance services, call 972-771-5228 now. Or just fill out the simple contact form on this page.