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Local Process Server for Dallas & Fort Worth

We understand that choosing a professional private process server can be challenging. You have a case to win for your client. You can't jeopardize your case by simply hoping that the process server you hire will make the proper due diligent attempts, or that the affidavit will be completed correctly in a timely manner. That's why you need Sources Unlimited.

Sources Unlimited has more than 20 years of process serving experience. We've built a name for ourselves in Texas based on our ability to serve papers on-time, and with the highest level of professionalism. We are licensed by the Texas Supreme Court, and are authorized to serve in any county in the state of Texas.

Sources Unlimited has helped:

  • Sole legal practitioners
  • Small law firms
  • Large corporate legal firms
  • Government agencies

Why Choose Sources Unlimited for Process Serving?

If you've been searching online, you probably know that there plenty of process servers that you can choose from. But Sources Unlimited is your best choice, because we're locally owned and operated.

Many out of state process serving companies advertise for Texas. Once you pay them, they simply hand your work off to anyone that can do it in your area. That's why you need a company based right here in Texas, that can make themselves available to local clients when needed. But it gets even better for you.

Sources Unlimited is led by a retired law enforcement agent that is a member of the Texas Process Servers Association. And with almost two decades of process serving experience, his goal is to give you the peace of mind that you deserve when papers must be served.

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If you need an experienced process server that's local to the greater DFW area, please call 972-771-5228 now. Or just fill out the easy contact form on this page.