Cheating Spouses

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Could Someone Be Cheating on You?

Contacting a private investigator isn't always easy.

It can be hard to ask a professional to find out what your spouse might be up to. But sometimes the stress and the fear that you're being cheated on is too much to deal with. That's when Sources Unlimited can help.

Our goal is to help you get the peace of mind that you want and deserve. If someone is cheating on you, we'll work to get you proof. If needed, we can use a variety of photo and video surveillance to keep track of anything that we discover. Most important, our services are kept confidential. So if we don't find any evidence that someone is cheating, you haven't sacrificed the relationship.

Know the Warning Signs of Possible Cheating

The signs of cheating can be different from couple to couple. But the more common warning signs of cheating are if your spouse or partner:

  • Spends more and more time away from home
  • Isn't as sexually interested in you as before
  • Is hard to reach by phone when at work
  • Leaves the room or goes outside to talk on the phone
  • Keeps the cell phone locked or won't let you use it
  • Has receipts for purchases that weren't mentioned to you
  • Often deletes text messages from his/her cell phone
  • Calls phone numbers that don't have names assigned to them
You Know the Signs. Now Contact Us for Help.

We want to hear from you. If you want to learn more about our investigations into possible cheating, call us now at 972-771-5228. Or just fill out the easy contact form on this page. We can offer you a free quote on our services, and you are not obligated to hire us. But we can't help you if you don't call, so please contact us today.